Flat Roofing in Orpington, Bromley
and the Neighbouring Areas

Flat roofing has become the number one means to protect a house extension in the UK, and with good reason. Once seen as the lesser option, flat roofs today prove far more reliable and cost-effective than they once were. The latest systems stand strong year after year, lending durable coverage to extended kitchens, garages, outbuildings and commercial builds throughout the country. C J Roofing & Property Maintenance Ltd builds affordable flat roofs across a broad region – including Orpington, Bromley and the neighbouring areas. We may also work further afield for major commercial clients.

Our roofing company can patch and repair, replace outdated systems, and build an entirely new structure for weather resistance coverage you can depend on. We supply and install everything as part of the quotation, delivering five-year guarantees for all flat roof systems.

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Flat Roofing | Strong, Quick to Install and Highly Cost-Effective

Building an extension or garden room can cost a great deal, but there is a way to reduce the price without impacting quality. Flat roofing requires fewer materials than pitched ones, take less time to install and waterproof the interior at a more affordable cost.

Torch-On Felt

Tried and tested throughout the years, 2/3-layer torch-on felt remains one of the most reliable systems on the market. It won’t fail due to rain and UV rays, and it’s strong enough to hold out against falling branches and blown debris. That said, the installation process uses an open flame, so it’s essential you call an experienced roofing company. We can apply this flat roofing system in rainy conditions, which sets it apart from the latest innovations.

EPDM Rubber

Rolled out and applied in large sheets, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) reduces the number of joints and seams on the roof. This synthetic rubber holds out against changing temperatures, provides a waterproof surface and offers abrasion resistance for enduring strength. It’s highly versatile too, able to fit easily around pipes, skylights and other common roofing fixtures. EPDM is fully recyclable and doesn’t require an open flame, so it’s also great for the environment.

GRP Fibreglass

Few flat roofing systems can complete with GRP fibreglass, short for glass-reinforced plastic. Made from layers of glass mat that cure on the building, GRP achieves a seam-free finish complete with a top coat, available in RAL colours. It demands little in the way of maintenance and is simple to clean with a brush or conventional hose. As such, it’s a great choice for property owners in Orpington, Bromley and the nearby regions in need of a hassle-free solution.

Most GRP flat roofing systems can last for two decades when installed by a roofing company like ours. They also prove quick to apply for a safer installation process.

At C J Roofing & Property Maintenance Ltd, we perform all roofing services that your flat installation might need. Whether it’s suffered an impact, experienced standing water or appears old and rundown, we’ll be delighted to assist.

Please call 07496 368488 or 01689 330163 for flat roofing in Orpington, Bromley and the surrounding areas from a reliable team.