Do You Need a New Roof in Orpington, Bromley
or the Neighbouring Regions?

A new roof can give your property increased weather protection and keep the warm air indoors where it belongs. It will also revitalise its visual appearance, so your home or business looks vibrant and well cared for. If you need a new roof in Orpington, Bromley or the surrounding areas, look no further than C J Roofing & Property Maintenance Ltd. We construct roofs from start to completion, beginning with planning and design right through to the weatherproof finish. You can trust our roofing company to deliver a new installation that complements your home or business, keeping the cold air and rainfall at bay.

We apply the latest slates and tiles and membrane systems, for pitched and flat roofing, respectively. Our team delivers outstanding care for each new roof, supplying a 10-year workmanship guarantee for reliable coverage.

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New Roofs | Quality Roofing From a Specialised Team

While re-roofs change out the materials, a new roof covers every detail of the structure as a whole – with everything from truss work to insulation and underlayment. Our roofing company can replace the most rundown and damaged roofs as needed or provide a new installation for your home, business, extension or outbuilding.

The Signs You Need a New Roof

All roofs reach the end of their lifespan at some stage, but by looking for the tell-tale signs of damage, you can rectify the problem before it impacts the interior. Search around the property for fallen tiles or shingles; they may be resting on the ground or in the gutters overhead. Collapsed or rotten tiles will naturally cause a hole in the roof, exposing the layers underneath. If light enters the attic through the structure above, it’s a sure-fire sign that you’ll need to speak with a local roofing company. Structural issues with the timbers can lead to sagging, which will soon get worse if ignored.

At C J Roofing & Property Maintenance Ltd, we can tend to each element or apply our knowledge to new builds across Orpington, Bromley and the nearby areas. We’ll meet any challenge to create a stunning roof that keeps you safe every day of the year.

A Cost-Effective Service

Our team will discuss your project at length to ensure your new roof suits the look you want and the property style. We provide pitched and flat roofing at a competitive price, managing the development to guarantee a consistent quality. In this way, we work hard to safeguard either your treasured family home or growing business, no matter the weather outside.

By keeping the work in-house, our specialists remove the need for other companies and ensure all roofs meet a high standard.

For a new roof in Orpington, Bromley or any of the surrounding areas, please call our experienced team on 07496 368488 or 01689 330163.