Re-Roofing in Bromley, Orpington
and the Surrounding Areas

Are you noticing problems with your roof? Over time, it can start to look tired and may lose slates, tiles or other materials – leaving your home or business undefended. At C J Roofing & Property Maintenance Ltd, we perform re-roofing work that replaces these materials for durable protection in every season. You can rely on our roofing company to carry out the process from start to finish, delivering a high-quality finish across Orpington, Bromley and the surrounding Kent areas.

Once roof materials reach the end of their lifespan, you’re more likely to spend out on frequent repairs, so you may want to consider re-roofing instead. This process grants superior waterproofing, with materials designed to keep your property secure for many years to come.

Skilled in roofing and property maintenance alike, we re-roof properties as quickly as possible. Please contact us for a free quotation or to see the need for new materials first-hand through a reliable drone survey.

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Re-Roofing | For Renewed Style and Leak Prevention

By ignoring damaged roof materials, you can only expect the problem to get worse. Wildlife may call your property home, you might spot a troublesome leak, or you could lose heat through the roof for a colder environment in the winter.

Reasons to Re-Roof Your Property

With all-new materials from our trusted roofing company, the re-roofing process removes all signs of cosmetic issues and physical wear. It also gives us a chance to assess the layers beneath to ensure they remain in good condition. A re-roof will help retain warmth throughout the year, potentially aiding with your heating bills, and restore the roof’s aesthetic style. Modern materials cut down on the need for replacements later on, so you can enjoy elegant protection and save money with fewer repairs in the longer term.

Every roof in Orpington, Bromley and the neighbouring areas must stand firm against high winds and blustery showers. The re-roofing process is a cost-effective way to ensure it does exactly that, with a visual overhaul for a more vibrant appearance.

Does Your Home or Business Need Re-Roofing?

Curled shingles, split tiles, and damaged flashings indicate wear and tear that could lead to further problems down the line. Water entry may occur when it rains, and your roof will begin to look shabby, faded or overgrown with moss. If it’s been decades since these materials were last replaced and you keep spending on repairs, then our roofing company will help you choose the right solution.

We can perform aerial drone surveys to check the roof from ground level. This allows us to show you any signs of damage, which we can explain in as much detail as you need. From there, we’ll schedule a time for the re-roofing process to begin and source the market’s finest materials so you can enjoy peace of mind in all weather conditions.

Our team can replace old pitched and flat roofs using highly effective and modern systems. Simply let us know your problem, and we’ll work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

For re-roofing in Orpington, Bromley and the surrounding areas, call today on either 07496 368488 or 01689 330163.